Latest Shape collaboration: Sam was a featured artist at our 2020 Tate Exchange. The inaugural Emergence bursary artists, Letty McHugh, Lauren Saunders, and Fae Kilburn, invited Sam to participate in the event - co-produced by Disability Arts Online - as an emerging artist whose work they support. 

Artist Statement: Sam Metz is an artist, educator, and researcher. They studied Architecture and Critical Theory (philosophy) at the University of Nottingham and previously trained in physical theatre. Based in Hull, Sam’s work researches, creates and reflects on the concept of what they refer to as ‘choreographic objects.’

‘Choreographic objects’ are described by Sam as any work that has a relationship to the body and movement. This can be because of the work’s appearance or because of the method used to create it.

Sam’s work refers to space, time, rhythm, repetition and direction. Often relying upon the viewers’ own response and interpretation, ‘choreographic objects’ naturally create a flow of visual empathy. Sam is a neurodivergent artist with sensory processing differences. They often work in nonverbal ways that begin and end with the body and build a sense of intimacy with the audience.

Sam has been a member of the Guerrilla Art Lab - a queer, feminist, live art, performance collective based in Nottingham - since 2016. As well as their own practice, Sam has experience as a learning producer for visual arts and as a cultural programmer.

Work by Sam Metz. A drawing of a set of cascading stairs with curved shapes on a white background.

Image courtesy of the artist.

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Banner Image: Image courtesy of the artist. Description: A beige sculpture that is slightly curved, stands alone in room with a white wall and grey floor.