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One of Heaton’s most famous pieces, Shaken Not Stirred expresses his anger towards the patronising institution of charity. It was originally part of a performance during the Block Telethon protests the DAM held, with Heaton smashing the pyramid - the symbol of charity power - with a prosthetic leg.

About Tony Heaton

Arguably the Godfather of the UK Disability Arts Movement, Tony Heaton OBE can claim to have made several of the landmark iconic pieces that helped define the DAM.  He has exhibited nationally and internationally, with his major commission Gold Lamé winning the commission to be the first sculpture sited on the Liverpool Plinth in 2018.  His Monument to the Unintended Performer was installed on the Big 4 outside Channel 4 TV in celebration of the 2012 London Paralympics, and his neon works have been displayed on London’s Southbank and the Lumiere Festival in Durham. His works in DAM IN VENICE include Gold Lame and Great Britain From A Wheelchair.

Banner image credit Andy Barker