For many artists – now more than ever – an online presence is the foundation of a ‘successful’ practice. It is how artists connect with their audience, their supporters, and collaborators and is a primary route to financial stability through sales, funding, and partnerships.

But being ‘online’ isn’t simple and for many artists it can be overwhelming and confusing, meaning they miss out on the potential perks. It feels like there is a lot to do, from marketing yourself, running websites and social media accounts, and documenting your work in a presentable and shareable way.

We have compiled this resource for any artist looking to improve their online presence, using our own experience, advice from Shape Artists, and the thoughts and reflections of our wider network.

With thanks to Abi Palmer, Lauren Saunders, Catriona Faulkner, Sam Metz, and Ellie Harman-Taylor, who all contributed to this resource.

Please note the embedded version of the resource works best when viewed on desktop. There is a downloadable link beneath!

You can download the PDF version of the resource here

You can also download a plain text Microsoft Word version here

Audio Resource:

1. Whats the point?

2. Step one: who are you?

3. Marketing plan!
4. A note on language
5. Accessibility top tips
6. Step two: how do you share yourself online?
7. Instagram
8. Tips from the Shape team
9. Twitter
10. Facebook
11. A note on management
12. Catriona's tips
13. Artist website
14. Video and live events
15. Advice on live content from our artists

Banner image: Adam Reynolds Memorial Bursary Shortlist Exhibition (installation view), Project Space at BALTIC 39, Newcastle upon Tyne © BALTIC 2019. Photo: Colin Davison. Art work: Sophie Hoyle

Think we missed something? Got some suggestions of your own? We want to hear them! This resource is just the start of a long and important conversation which, for obvious reasons, is relevant now more than ever. Send your ideas to [email protected] or message us on Twitter!